We are very excited to announce that our team has moved into a shiny new location just by Southwark bridge. Some of you, familiar with our old location, will recognise that this sounds just like the old office, and you wouldn’t be far off the truth. In fact as I sit here now typing this up I am sat next to a window with a lovely view of the old place. So why the move?

  1. Space. We are growing. As well as the opening of our Sydney office earlier in the year we were starting to run out of space in the office. As well as simply offering more square footage the new office allows us all to work in one big space, allowing us to work closer both literally and figuratively.
  2. Location. Okay so yes, we might not have moved far, but we are no longer the office just behind the Tate Modern, no not the Bluefin building the other one. We are now firmly planted just down from Southwark Bridge with a sterling view of the Shard. Not to mention that we are now marginally closer to Flat Iron Square for Friday night socials, every second counts.
  3. Fridges. Yes this might not have been at the top of the agenda when deciding on a new space but there is no denying that sales is hungry working. Two floor to ceiling fridge freezers and a larger kitchen are a welcome addition to the office especially for those burning the late-night oil on our American campaigns. There might even be some room for a couple of those Friday afternoon refreshments, you never know.

So we are having to say bye to 185 Park Street however our new address of 24 Southwark Bridge Road is going to provide a ton of opportunity moving forward. Not to mention the fact that we now have a bunch of empty desks that need filling! If you are a recent grad, first jobber or have just left school then get in touch it would be great to have a chat!

That being said it is fair to say we are very proud of our new place so would love to show you around if you wanted to come in for a coffee.