Welcome all, to part 2 of our ‘Generating Attended Meetings’ series. For those of you who read the first installment, thank you for your interest. For those of you who have not, it is your lucky day as it is still available (https://engagetech.co.uk). Having previously discussed a shift in mentality from EngageTech, to match the significance of booking appointments, with the importance of ensuring they are attended, this piece will dig deeper into the fundamental processes those at the company undergo, to put themselves in the best position to generate an ATTENDED meeting.

Of course this is circumstantial and should be personal to your approach, therefore the processes discussed in this article should merely share a basic understanding, of the steps taken by EngageTech SDR’s that are made inherent throughout their development. Nikita Gudka, who is currently killing the attendance game at EngageTech, shared her views on beginning her processes before the meeting had been booked. As per these wise words, our practice will be broken into four equal parts: the call; the invite; the reconfirmation; and the day of the call.

The initial cold call.

This is where the foundations are laid, and a reason for your prospect to attend ‘said’ meeting is established, it is important to gather as much intel from this call as possible. Qualify, qualify again and then qualify some more. One question to add to this qualification process, shared by our Commercial Director, Callum Henderson, is “What would you like to get out of our meeting?”. Callum proposes that adding this question will enable you to: A) catch out potential no-shows, in those who are unable to share a meaningful reason for their attendance; and B) uncover any hidden gems, that can be added to a meeting agenda, to favor the prospects interests.

Negotiating a date/time for the appointment can NOT be rushed, as it is an obligatory criteria of your meeting, that must be definite. Simply reciting the agreed date/time to the prospect and asking them to confirm, will affirm the significance of this time in the prospects diary. Off the back of this confirmation, be sure to tell the prospect to accept the invitation, don’t beat around the bush, be assertive in this statement and give reason to this acceptance (i.e. to block this time out in both of our diaries).

What’s better than one prospect accepting an invitation to your meeting? Two, three, four, the more the merrier! Use the call as an opportunity to ask the prospect, which of their colleagues would benefit from the discussion and get them added to the invitation. The probability of the meeting being sat is profoundly greater with multiple invitees.     

“What would you like to get out of our meeting?”.

The significance of an accepted invitation can not be understated.

You understandably want to kick back and celebrate your success once you put down the phone, but having just confirmed a date/time with you, it’s more than likely that the prospect is active on their calendar, so get that invitation sent out immediately. Including a punchy, informative subject, with both companies names and a title for the discussion, will provide instantaneous relevance in a professional manner. The invitation offers a second opportunity to set expectations, like them accepting the invitation, when you’ll be reconfirming and an agenda for the discussion. Remember, an accepted invitation may be the be all or end all of an attended meeting, chase acceptance as soon as the following day if not received.  

Simply add ‘BOOKED’ to the subject line of your invitation, following reconfirmation.

The reconfirmation process is arguably the most speculative stage of this process. Don’t want to come across as needy, nor be forgotten? Flip your perception of this call from a patronizing reconfirmation to a friendly reengagement. Your approach towards the call will inevitably become more human and will soften your demand for another verbal acceptance. It would be unproductive to define a time frame for which reconfirmations should occur, due to prospects circumstantial needs, and this judgement should instead be made on instinct. That being said, this time frame will come more naturally, when booking the meeting as close to the date of your initial call as possible.

When reconfirming, subtly re-affirm their pain points to confirm the importance of their attendance, however, under no circumstances re-pitch them, you are in control of this call and it would be counterintuitive to explain yourself. One technique SDR’s at EngageTech have adopted recently, is to add ‘CONFIRMED’ to the subject line of the invitation, following reconfirmation, which can subconsciously compel your prospect to be true to their word.

The big day.

Here it is. The big day. The day that substantiates an opportunity you had established over a call with an individual you had likely never crossed paths with before. Will they show? At this stage it’s in their hands, let the reminders you have preplanned do the talking, whether that be scheduled emails or timely prewritten texts (www.textlocal.com). Stay alert and always expect the worst, so you are in a position to save the day. Following these processes will not guarantee attendance, sometimes it is just not your day. But, they will leave the odds in your favor.

Chris Doidge, Delivery Manager, explained that  “adopting the techniques that EngageTech have shared with and taught me throughout my time here, has made the process of meeting management come naturally. Last quarter I was able to maintain an attendance rate of 92%, not only benefitting my personal performance and outgoings, but improving my client relationship and aiding company performance”.

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