EngageTech Monthly Newsletter

February Review

New Starters

In February we continued to bolster our evergrowing team by taking on four new starters, including a new addition to our Nordics team.

Jade Harding, BDR

Alexis Conti, BDR

Jack Balcombe, BDR

Tobias Jonasson, BDR Sweden

It has been a fast start for these guys all round. Not only in their performance within the business, but also the manner in which they have embraced our company culture. These guys have already proven to be key assets to the team, and shown qualities that will take them far within the company. Keep up the work guys! Find out more about what they have been getting up to by hitting the button below.

Nordics Expansion

Our Nordics expansion continues to flourish, with Saq Ullah leading the charge. As you will have seen above, we are delighted to have made our first addition to the team in Tobias. Tobias has been working remotely for us from Stockholm. And, despite being over 1000 miles away, has settled into EngageTech’s culture seamlessly.

Tobias explained that it has been really easy to fit in. He feels this has been down to the helpful nature of the team, especially Project Lead, Nat, who works closely with him as part of our buddy scheme.

Tobias is not the only member of the team who works remotely. There are a few others, who have been onboarded remotely, albeit within the UK. Therefore, we were probably better prepared than first thought!

The expansions aren’t slowing down either. There are early plans, for some of the team to relocate over to sweden later on in the year. With talks between either Stockholm or Malmo, we would love to hear any advice anyone has!

A word from Management, Saq Ullah

“Hiring our first overseas remote hire was always a risk, but Tobias has immersed himself in the company and is rapidly developing into a future leader within EngageTech”.

“Having set some lofty goals for the first quarter, we’re at 50% of revenue & headcount targets and at 75% of client acquisition target with 5 weeks left to play – we’re also actively hiring another SDR”.

Tobias’s success, has led to some exciting news on our side, in that we are hiring for another SDR in Sweden. Hit the link below, to find out more from our Head of Talent, Alex.

SDR of the Month

Macauley Monaghan

Congratulations are in order for Mac, who was crowned SDR of the month for February. This title is unsurprising, given the number he achieved during Feb. 31 Meetings Booked (11 of these in one week), 21 Attended, and an attendance rate of 80.7%.

Mac exemplified what it means to be a Project Leader throughout the month. Mac reflected on the month by saying, “Great month looking back, performance and development enabling me to now help others”. Well done Mac, keep up the hard work!

Meetings Booked

Meetings Attended

Core Value of the Month

‘Your job is done when the job is done’

At EngageTech we aim to respect a number of core values. These values represent the standards we as a team hold ourselves to, both in and out of work. This month we have chosen ‘your job is done when the job is done’.

If you work at EngageTech, you are likely to be familiar with the word, ‘accountability’. A word that epitomosises this value. Why? becuase we hold ourselves accountable to our input. And, more often then not, you’ll find that input is equal to output.

Now, of course there are a number of aspects of work that are out of your control. Therefore, it becomes integral that we control the controllable. For an SDR what could this be? Well I’d start with the number of calls you make each day.

This value is one that is inherent within a team culture. It must be embraced invidually and collectively. Envisioning the wider company goals, that sit beyond your own. Such that, you become aware of the curcial role your job plays within that.

Reminding ourselves of these values, is key to our progression as a business at EngageTech. What does this value mean specifically to you?

Final word from Senior Management

Morgan Jones, Head of Delivery

“February was a month of foundational work to not just put the business in a strong position for the quarter, but also for the new financial year”.

“We saw the introduction of Bolt and The Academy, the hiring of some top talent and the growth of the Nordics.

On top of this we saw some huge individual performances from the likes of Macauley, Georgia, Emma and Hamish all finishing the start of the quarter in a strong place.

Looking forward we have just over a month left in this FY to set ourselves up in a strong position for the coming 12 months. And, with one of the most talented groups of SDR’s we have had, I am confident we will finish strong, and work towards hitting some quarterly records.”