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A company built on hiring graduates and individuals with little to no experience in sales. 

“Train people well enough so that they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t”  

Richard Branson

EngageTech has been built on hiring graduates and individuals with less than 2 years’ experience in sales. Therefore, the proficient onboarding programme at EngageTech has become indispensable. The development programme has been tried and tested since the company was established over 10 years ago. And, will undoubtably change and evolve in years to come.

The programme at present, involves an detailed training course, spanning over a 3 month period. Furthermore, the end of these 3 months offers an opportunity for reflection, and in turn a heightened level of autonomy within the role. However, the provision of training and support offered to SDR’s does not cease at the completion of these 3 months.

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Our onboarding process incorporates a comprehensive training programme, while aiming to immerse our newest team members in the EngageTech culture. Our company culture revolves around building relationships outside of the working environment. Albeit virtual for the time being. Team breakfasts and lunches; and end of week drinks and socials, can be expected in your first couple of weeks in the company. These opportunities to socialize are invaluable in a national lockdown.

With a history of employing individuals with little to no sales experience, we know that sales training will be pivotal in their development. A broad range of sessions, both practical and theoretical, help mold our new starters into confident SDR’s. There are opportunities to learn with top performers, management and more senior development members. With everyone having been in your role, who better to learn from?

The nature of the sessions, range from hands on practical sessions, including practice pitching, calling, and presentations; to theoretical activities, exploring topics like the sales funnel, sourcing and IT Ecosystems. The programme offers a balance, keeping you on your toes.

recruitment insight

We caught up with Mairi-Claire Tay, Talent Pathway Manager, from Blenheim Chalcot, who kindly shared her knowledge and experinece in onboarding graduates.

Onboarding Graduates into an organisation is time consuming and if not done properly can be costly to an organisation.

On average a graduate costs around £5k per hire (upto £8-10k in small organisations looking for niche skillsets). Yet according to Forbes, 49% of graduates see a successful tenure within an organisation between 1-2years.

9 times out of 10 a graduate is joining your organisation with no prior experience of the “business world”, meaning that the upskilling process starts from the initial interview.

Feedback is always important to offer a candidate during an interview process. But, when hiring graduates, is key, to help them in their journey to find the right role (perhaps even a “duty of care”).

If the graduate is successful in gaining employment in your organisation both the line manager and the hiring team (if appropriate) have a responsibility in successfully onboarding the candidate.

A few initiatives that I have found useful in successfully onboarding early careers have included:

Start integrating the new employee from your offer

Understanding the culture and structure of an organisation before arriving on their first day can allow a candidate to feel prepared and allow the conversations / introductions they may have with other teams to be impactful from day one.

Support and guidance 

Perhaps one of the most costly parts of hiring a graduate. Open communication channels are key and ensure that the graduate knows the “no question is a silly question” when they first start. But also encouraging them to use their initiative and push them out of their comfort zone from the start allows them to build their confidence quicker. Having an office buddy or mentor as well as line manager allows for that individual to have the extra support or arm wrap that they need. In addition to the more traditional reporting line allowing them to navigate their employment journey from more than one perspective.

Learning & Development 

This is key to any employees development. But, apart from the specifics of the job a graduate probably won’t know what other L&D is available/they need or want. Setting out a journey or programme alongside their day job, whether that is peer to peer or from organisational SMEs can allow that employee to think about and be excited by the prospect of growing and developing within the organisation, rather than just solely focusing on the specific role they’re recruited into. This can help tenure and reduce attrition, as well as support that graduate in developing a “growth mindset”.

Meet the Team

What did you do before EngageTech? Experience in sales?

“Before EngageTech I had done some short term managerial work within the education sector, and ran two small companies involved in the textile industry. I had some scattered sales experience but was more or less brand new to working in a sales-orientated environment”.

How have the first two weeks been?

“The first two weeks were fast paced and exciting – there was so much information to take onboard, which could have been daunting but the delivery and training process was exceptional, not once did I feel overwhelmed by it all”.

Best experience so far?

“My best experience so far has to be working in the office – even though it’s not even half as busy as it would ordinarily be, it has been awesome meeting a few people in person and seeing the company culture”.

James Clark

James, who has just smashed his first two weeks at EngageTech, reflects on his experiences so far.

What can james expect next?

Following your first two weeks, training will remain consistent, but you will begin to gain more independence in where your time is spent. The growth at EngageTech is constant and onboarding continual, so it’s likely you’re no longer the newbie at this stage. You’ll have an opportunity to share with them what you’ve learnt. You’ll be shocked by how far you’ve come!

Months 2 & 3 at EngageTech, are where you can really expect to come into your own. At this stage you can expect to be immersed within your campaign, with a great understanding of what a qualified opportunity means to your client. EngageTech have also recently invested in a sales development tool, Refract.ai. This will enable you to reflect on your own progress, and gain useful feedback and advice.

EngageTech only promote internally, so there are numerous opportunities for you to progress within the company. Therefore, It only makes sense that we invest in our leaders of tomorrow. The completion of the development process, acts merely as a benchmark. Meaning your development will be continual and support will always be on hand.

Meet the Team

Overall reflections on the onboarding and training period?

“It was a really enjoyable period to digest a lot of information, and put it in to practice immediately, and watch progress happen rapidly!”.

Most memorable training session?

“It has to be the opportunity to pitch the impossible. It allowed us all to get out of our shell and really understand the need to build rapport and love your product”.

How has the transition out of development been?

“Very much still happening, but I think the key from management has just been to keep on the same track. I was a bit worried about losing that structured support, but everyone here is so helpful and appreciates you never stop learning – so really it’s just more of the same”.

Jamie Kutner

Jamie, who recently passed through development programme with flying colours, shared his reflections on the process.

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