The investment from EngageTech within the development of their staff is something they pride themselves upon. This reflects in both the outstanding performance of the SDR’s in the delivery team, and the warm company culture, with a refreshingly transparent vision of progression throughout EngageTech. The opportunities within EngageTech, are made clear by an accomplished management team, who themselves excelled from the same development period, that is taking on aspiring sales professionals to date.

The EngageTech Delivery team is growing and it’s been a busy few first weeks for our new recruits. We had a chat with Paige, Sam and Harry (left to right, above), who have just completed their two week intensive onboarding to find out more about their experiences, and any top tips they have for people who are thinking about joining the team!

What were you doing before joining EngageTech?

Paige: “I was an Account Executive for a communications company for Pharmaceuticals”.

Sam: “I worked in Energy Recruitment for 2 year before joining”.

Harry: “I was working in events all over the world, specialising in all things bar. One example is being a key part of the Hospitality team for McLaren F1 in 2019!”. 

“The team here at EngageTech gives you so much support and training”.

How have you found the transition into the new role?

Paige: “The transition has been really good for me! I had a lot of transferable skills that I was able to carry over and the team here at EngageTech give you so much support and training”.

Sam: “Very smooth, even working from home. Everyone has been so helpful and welcoming”.

Harry: “It has come with natural challenges entering a completely new industry, but I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in it fully and absorbing everything along the way”. 

What made you choose EngageTech?

Paige: “I knew I wanted to get into sales, but choosing a company with the culture that fit me was really important. For me, that didn’t just mean having a ping pong table in the office”.

“I was looking for a group of people that I had fun with during the days in the office, but would also want to see outside of the office environment. Everyone is eager to get to know you and socialize outside of work. There are some really funny characters!”.

Sam: “I had an interest in working in tech sales and as soon as I started speaking to people in the interview process, I knew it would be somewhere that I would enjoy working”.

Harry: “The job came highly recommended by a friend of mine and after some thorough research, I thought it would be the right fit for me”.

How did you find the interview and onboarding process?

Paige: “As I have never done a pitch before, I was really nervous going into the interview. Morgan (Head of Delivery) was very easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable and able to show off my personality and skills. Looking back on what I now know, my pitch was brutal, but here I am!”.

“The onboarding process was great even though it was remote due to lockdown. I’ve learnt so much and already feel so comfortable on the phones”.

Sam: “The interviews and onboarding process were done remotely, which I was a bit sceptical about to start with, but everyone is really helpful and any of my questions were answered instantly”.

Harry: “The interview process was very difficult for me personally, but that was because I had never really been through anything like it before. The onboarding was very smooth considering we had to do it remotely, which was down to the development team having such a great system in place and communicating throughout”. 

Highlight of the first few weeks?

Paige: “Definitely the team calls. I love how the team pumps each other up before a big power hour, plays a quick game or has an inspirational chat. It loosens you up and gets you laughing before you dive into the hour!”.

Sam: “Getting to know the team and an understanding of the business. I was also very proud to make my first meeting for a long standing client in my second week”.

Harry: “Feeling part of the team after two weeks and the general culture of the company is definitely up there. The training sessions have also been great and given me a great understanding of what it takes to succeed in the job”.

Top tip for anyone applying to EngageTech?

Paige: “Really demonstrate your transferable skills and show your personality. Highlight how you’re eager and hungry to start your career in sales!”.

Sam: “Get involved with everything you can. Don’t be shy to ask anyone what has been working well for them and what their best advice would be. Everyone has a different story so if you are ever experiencing something, it is almost certain that someone else has been through it too”.

Harry: “Be yourself. Work Hard. If you can get any advice from people in the sector that would be an advantage”.

Interested in joining the EngageTech team?

Some useful insights from our new starters, Paige, Sam and Harry. Welcome to the team guys! We’re looking to hire more Busienss Development Executives to start in the new year. If like these guys, you’re ready for the next challenge in your sales career, think you have the transferable experience or even if you’re a graduate looking to take your first step into tech sales, get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

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