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Following on from our life after development, this post is all about the next step in
the EngageTech journey – Project Lead. Hit the link below if you have yet to read the ‘Life After Development’ blog.
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Blog Written by, Emma Leach

A Project Lead still embodies the SDR role. You have more responsibility on the campaign you are working on. You must take the lead to ensure the campaign is delivered successfully, upholding client satisfaction. Ultimately, what EngageTech stands for – ‘every customer gets a world class experience’.
Every SDR at EngageTech has their own experiences of being promoted to a Project Lead. But in my opinion, it is learning to understand and appreciate the small steps that get you to the end goal of having a meeting attended with your client. As they say, success is a marathon and with experience and practice, you learn to ride the rollercoaster of lead generation and see results.
Similar to our ‘Life After Development’ post, we’ll look at key aspects of the role and what it takes to be part of a high-performance team culture.

‘every customer gets a world class experience’


First off, responsibility is the key step that all Project Leads take on once they are promoted. A Project Lead works together with the Delivery and Account Manager to plan the delivery of the campaign. And, to not only meet the requirements of your KPI’s, but the requirements of the client. Therefore, when resign talks roll round – it is a no brainer for the client.

Project Lead’s also work more closely with their client – sending across lead sheets and updating them on meeting reconfirmations and reschedules. Moreover, arranging regular catch ups and building a long-established relationship and repeat business.
Creating a strong support network is an important part of EngageTech’s culture as we understand starting out as an SDR is challenging. That is why Project Leads form our buddy system for new SDR’s in the company. 

We help them with tips and tricks from pitching to meeting management. And, are also on hand to give the reassurance and support that they are not alone in the process and everyone in the company understands and has experienced what they are going through. We know it is tough but it is also very rewarding!


You also learn not only to hold yourself accountable for your own input and output,
but also your team. Project Leads form our high-performance team or ‘pod’ as we
call them. Whereby, strong mentality and hard work go hand in hand to hit consistent
numbers and assist wider company performance.
Team mentality is such an important part of a high performing pod; how we can both work towards our own personal goals as well as the team and company goals. Part of the Project Lead mantra is something that we have picked up from the ‘Five Stages of Workplace Tribes’. Originally defined by Dave Logan in “Tribal Leadership”, the concept is based on shared values and working together to reach those values.

We know how our mentality plays such an important part of the role. Therefore, we aspire to meet at least Stage Four – ‘we’re great’, each day and make small gains. Ultimately, leading us to those bigger picture goals and values of Stage Five on the competition with what is possible, not just with your colleagues.

Part of being a Project Lead is also about having a voice on company initiatives, areas of improvements or ideas that you feel will be of value to any aspect of the company. Each week, we set aside time to have a chat about anything we want to raise or talk about to then follow up with at the wider company meeting with senior management each week. It is so refreshing to be part of a company that want you to actively think and talk about how we can make working here better and how we can help support that.
Project Leads have a lot more opportunity to drive change within the business. In my case for example, what was an after-work chat in the office with colleagues and some senior staff about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, turned into a Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee where we now organise fortnightly open table calls and put together a strategy to carry forward into this year.

to conclude…

What I love most about my role is the support from senior management to reach your goals within the business. Whether that be short term goals for hitting a personal best or longer term goals for the next steps in your career and how you can get there.

If you’re interested in following a similar career path to me, please get in touch below. We’re currently hiring SDR’s to join our UK and Nordics teams.

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