Life After Development at EngageTech

In this article we’ll look at life after development at Engage Tech. 

If you’re wondering how to get into a situation where you can join development then check out my colleague Alfie Clark’s article on life in development here.

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Blog Written by, Jamie Kutner

If you’ve already digested Alfie’s piece about an enjoyable and educational three months and are wondering what happens next then you’re in the right place.

After all, getting a job is good but thriving in one is better.

We’ve decided to split the article into three sections outlining the different aspects of the role. We’ll look at mentality, workload and expectations with some thoughts from colleagues who are living through it. 

While these experiences may differ from person to person, one thing for certain is that this job is fast paced, fun and rewarding. It is an emotional rollercoaster and when it’s going well there’s no better feeling, yet, when it’s going badly, you’ll have more support than you ever knew was possible in a sales role.

Mentality workload expectations


The first obvious feeling once you’ve passed development is one of the training wheels being off. Suddenly the need for your calls to be listened to is removed which means you instantly feel more confident and trusted in the role.

After all, you’ve spent development improving every day and now you feel as though you’ve achieved something that you didn’t always know was possible.

It’s important to point out that passing development doesn’t mean your training abruptly stops.

As Cara Baker – who flew through development – explains  ‘you’re given strong support to get you to where you’d like to be.’ 

After all, passing development was just a goal post, not the end goal.

This shift in mentality isn’t just in yourself but how other staff members perceive you too. 

As new starters arrive they’ll look to you as success stories and ask you questions that you yourself were asking not too long ago.

It’s a great feeling to offer advice and more so watch someone take that and utilise it to ensure they can pass development too. 

Sales is not plain sailing and passing development doesn’t mean instant consistent success but as my manager explained to me the other day, the good thing now is the slumps become shorter and your faith remains higher. 

Remember, you passed development so your confidence should be high.


The overriding thought regarding workload post development is that it remains the same. The good thing now is you get more out of it.

150 dials in development may have seen you get 5 conversations. Now, you’re getting 10 conversations and a meeting.


Because you’ve improved in who you dial and when. This means you connect to more prospects and now you’re asking better questions, questions that can lead you to referrals which help increase your conversations.

You’re also more confident at talking to switchboards which helps you get connected to more prospects as you’re more able to extract more information from them.

All of these small improvements see your overall output improve and put simply, you get more out of the same amount of work.

In addition to becoming more efficient, the role now becomes more varied.

Whereas development consists quite heavily of training, calling and sourcing. Life after development will see you build a closer relationship with your client. This involves client calls, keeping them updated on your progress and writing weekly emails to keep them in the loop.

You’ll also be expected to chase meeting feedback and be responsible for overall admin.

For most people, admin is the bain of work life but if you get on top of it – then your attended meetings will increase which means more money in your back pocket.


There’s two sides to expectations. The expectations of management and those you put on yourself.

Your targets and expected progression is made clear from day one at Engage Tech and this doesn’t change post development. 

As Cara explains, ‘Management helps you to build a plan to achieve your goals.’ 

From my experience, the only expectation management has is to give it your all everyday and take on feedback to constantly look to improve.

And truth be told the expectations you put on yourself will likely outweigh those from management.

Everyone is eager to progress and work as effectively as they can to reach their goals.

As Cara explains ‘You’re trusted to hold yourself accountable and structure your day to ensure you reach your targets.’’

At the end of the day, you’ll want to do as much as you can to ensure you can earn the most money possible and progress as quickly as possible.

Passing development is big part of your EngageTech career and it’s the first large step you take to establish yourself as someone aiming to be a top performer.

If you’re interested in getting on that path then get in contact below.

And if you’re wondering what’s after development, it’s Project Lead and we’ll be bringing you an article about what it entails soon.

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