It will come as no surprise for those who are well informed around the processes of lead generation, and even those who look in on it unknowingly from the outside, that the time sales professionals invest in their prospecting when booking an appointment often outweighs the work that is put into ensuring these meetings are attended. The more you book, the more you can afford to go a miss right? Well, what if you shift this perception to, the fewer that are cancelled, the less you will need to book. Besides, you have already done the hard part by booking them on a cold call, don’t let this hard work go to waste.

Booking meetings in only half the job.

The provision of attention to each of these processes is generally subconscious to the individual cold calling, and is fundamentally molded by the environment that has been established around them, such as the incentives driving their performance and the training that has informed the foundations of their approach. Those at EngageTech will be the first to tell you that they have been culpable for this imbalance in the past, however, understanding the impact of this has led to a shift in approach of recent, that has reflected in attendance rates shooting up across the company. Just last year, Engagetech changed their delivery teams priority of focus from booked to attended meetings.

“In the last 6 months, across the delivery team at EngageTech, attendance rates have rocketed from 69% to 79%.”

Strive to improve and aspire for greatness.

In the last 6 months, across the delivery team at EngageTech, attendance rates have rocketed from 69% to 79%, which is an achievement that truly reflects the profound accountability of those involved and their drive to improve. Head of Delivery at EngageTech, Morgan Jones, attributed this to a change in mentality within the company, explaining “our Delivery unit shifted the focus of their attention from the short-term view of generating appointments to a wider business view of supporting the growth of a customer’s pipeline and working collaboratively to do so. This has not only reflected in a significant increase in attendance rates, but also an increase in wider company performance and client satisfaction”.

Matching world class performance, with market leading tools.

A couple of tools that have proven pivotal in the meeting management process are Lusha ( and Textlocal (, which complement one another. Lusha makes the process of connecting with prospects easy, with specific B2B contact and company details, making for a more direct route to your sales targets. Textlocal, is an SMS marketing platform that then allows you to address text messages to prospects from your companies name, making for a professional and efficient means of contact. These two tools have proven key to the reconfirmation process at EngageTech, and are now embedded in the way our Delivery team operate.

Control the controllable.

These market leading tools must then be unified with trialed techniques, to make for a seamless process through to the point that the meeting has been marked attended. One technique that has been adopted recently at EngageTech, involves changing the subject line of an invitation from ‘BOOKED’ to ‘CONFIRMED’, once a meeting has been reconfirmed. This is a simple and effective technique that shifts the onus onto the prospect to attend. Business Development Executive, Nikita Gudka, has boasted a 100% attendance rate since joining the company in the summer, and explained “the process of getting meetings attended, begins before you have agreed a time and date with the prospect”. She’s not wrong, from the rapport you establish to the qualification you obtain, all of this is going to contribute to the likelihood of that meeting going ahead. Control the controllable.

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