Account-Based Marketing

Our ABM campaigns are perfect for clients looking to expand in a niche market or hone down onto a select few accounts.


Unrivalled Insights

Perfect for a smaller data or a start up here we take a 1:1 approach to every company and prospect. With the aim to get the most information out of each. Ultimately you aren’t going to be a good fit for all your key accounts, here EngageTech can help you get in front of the right buyers and disregard the prospects that have qualified out. The information gathered here will not only generate meetings but should guide your approach for years to come with actionable intelligence gathered across the board.


of marketers that measure ROI say that ABM outperforms every other marketing investment!

The 1:1 Approach

Our expert team take their time to learn each prospects particular needs and challenges, profiling each company and sourcing the right contacts. By doing this, when they do reach out to the organisation, they will be adept at positioning your product or services, meaning maximum ROI for you.

More than Sales Appointments

Our expert team are trained to get the most out of every contact opportunity, as well as driving towards getting you in front of decision makers they will be profiling companies and qualifying out unsuitable prospects. These types of campaigns result in a holistic view of your target market allowing you to leverage the information further down the line.

Satisfied Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

ABM offers a unique situation where you can come away with not only a full pipeline but a much more in-depth knowledge of the industry and your prospects wants.

What is the skill level of the caller?

All of our callers will have been through our own Sales Academy, this is a 3-month process that teaches them everything they need to excel. That being said if you are after a caller with familiarity on any given area, sector or field then let us know!

How do you prospect?

We start by building out the data set, taking our time to identify all the decision makers and possible influencers at the company. Following this we go on to profile each company individually, uncovering any pain points along the way. Finally if they qualify then we will close them for a follow up sales appointment.

What is your knowledge on the message?

At the start of the campaign you will come into our offices to meet the team, as part of this we will run a briefing session with everyone involved. Here you can impart as much knowledge onto the callers as you can, any collateral at this stage would be great. The team are already knowledgeable in a variety of tech areas but getting them to understand what makes you tick will only strengthen the messaging!

How long does it take to set up?

In the beginning we aim to build the strongest foundation we can through a start-up period of about 4 weeks. In this time we will be building out the data set, with your help briefing the caller, setting up email accounts etc.

How do you report on the campaign?

We report through weekly catch up calls with the whole team including your dedicated account manager. As well as this we have daily interactions with your team through our caller. At the end of the campaign we also provide a report breaking up the data set and clearly showing all the information gathered throughout the project.

What is the real value I would take from this project?

As well as leaving this project with a number of new business appointments and a variety of pipeline to follow up with you will also have a far more in-depth understanding of your target market, their pains and challenges and who to contact at each organisation.

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ABM offers a unique approach to marketing into key accounts, for more information contact us using the form below and one of our team would be happy to talk you through it.